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What can I do at Prayercentral.com?

          You can have your prayers read at Holy Sites around the world!


What value does prayer have?  

(After all that is what you’ll find here.)  Prayer, regardless of whatever else one might say, offers hope when the bright light of science dims or when the path forward seems to only lead into darkness.


Can I Pray for others?

          Yes, The most powerful prayers are those that come form your heart to help others. (more)


I don’t know much about prayer or religion, what can I do?

There aren’t any rules to saying a prayer here. Make up your own or pick one that reflects your feelings most accurately. In our ‘Cut and Paste’ section, prayers of all major faiths are listed to aid you in expressing your feelings.


Is all this free?

There is no charge for this basic service, and no “contribution” is solicited.


Why through the Internet?

A prayer could be read at hundreds of holy sites, shrines and places of pilgrimages throughout the world. Harnessing the power of the Internet to reach directly from your home to any of these mystical vortexes is a wonderment and blessing of the 21st Century.  It is here for your use!


Why at Holy Sites?

There are few that disbelieve that such holy sites possess powerful attributes and may be an open portal to a conduit to the ears of the Holy One.


Why should I use Prayercentral.com?

Through this site you can provide a prayer at any of the numerous holy sites throughout the world, choosing to have your prayer read at as many sites as you choose.   You might choose to create your own prayer directly from your heart or you might prefer to read and select the prayers of others and prayers found in Holy Scriptures. 


Does Prayercentral.com do all of this?

No, We need to associate with merchants who can meet the following guidelines:

1.    Geographically close (within two kilometers) to a listed religious site.

2.    Regularly read and answer their email

3.    Will conduct business in English

4.    Will process credit card transactions.

5.    Be an upstanding citizen.


We watch, anxiously, to see merchants throughout the world link together in this forum to better them selves as they provide and sell goods and services wanted through the world.  As they better themselves, as an integral member of their community, the community reaps this betterment and, in turn, as the community is part of the world, has helped to better it too.


Others may soon see the need to have a presence on the information highway as the factors preventing them access (like political and financial issues) are reduced or eliminated. 


Why did you create this Site?

 This site is designed to promote understanding and true respect for the religious beliefs of others while gaining a deeper understanding into your chosen faith. The way we see this happening is that you must be enlightened. 

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